Ultra’s innovative Marketplace to resell digital games.

Written By Aakash Yadav

Ultra's innovative marketplace to resell digital games
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Ultra, the first entertainment platform bringing games, tournaments, live streams, and digital assets to one place is all set to unveil its marketplace later this month where users can resell digital games that they have purchased earlier from different secondary markets.

The Web3 startup, Ultra has been under development for many years which has resulted in the creation of a modern gamer’s haven. Ultra’s gaming ecosystem has expanded into four applications: Ultra games, Ultra marketplace, ultra arena, and Ultra wallet. The ultra ecosystem promises to make the players and the game developers more valuable for the time they spent playing and building the games. The new ultra platform to resell digital games is all set to release on April 25 with over 60-70 titles including Web3 and some of the Web2 games. Web3 games such as Cards of Eternity, Cross the Ages, and Mars4 are expected to be present in the new Ultra’s store along with Web2 games like The Walking Dead and Lords of the Fallen.

This platform allows both the publishers and the other users of the game to experiment with the new business model. The tokenized license rights allow digital games to be tokenized. Publishers and the developers of the games can use the ownership proof to give additional benefits to the players.

The sign-up process is also very easy. Users can easily sign up using their email and phone number. Sensitive information of crypto bit is well secured with the Web2 interface.

The Co-CEO of Ultra Nicols Gilot believes that the game studios should facilitate the secondary sale of the games. In a recent interview, he also said that the studios can set a no-resale period initially by determining a minimum price point for the resale and deciding what percentage of the royalties to retain. To be specific Ultra has set the publisher’s royalty fee to be not more than 70% of the resale price.

resell digital games in Ultra
Image credits: ultra.io

Gilot has also been seen reacting to people who are against the resale of digital games. He believes that this is a modern solution having many benefits for gamers and publishers.

The presence of digital collectibles and the different monetization concepts is the main feature of this store. The digital collectibles named “Uniqs” can be traded as support to NFT initiatives from publishers and developers of several studios. The use of the cross-game collectible feature in the games is said to be extremely tricky but can be made easy if the game developer is the same for multiple games using the same technology.

With so many new cutting-edge technologies and innovations Ultra Games has bought a modern solution to resale digital games. With only a few days in hands, the success of this platform will be determined if the users are impressed with Ultra’s new platform. However, the famous partners of Ultra- Ubisoft, Atari, and The Sandbox, a Web3 metaverse game will promote more game studios to be a part of Ultra’s new platform.

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