Hunter x Hunter: 15 Fun Facts About Killua

Written By Aakash Yadav

Killua | Hunter x Hunter

Killua from Hunter x Hunter
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Anime is taking over the world. Am I right or am I right? The person next to you or the one next to them or the one in front of you, at least one of them watches anime casually or passionately. Previously it was teenage guys who were obsessed with anime but its popularity has increased manifold in the last few years. Even my college professor is a hardcore anime addict and she’s watches more shows than me. The storylines, the action, the animation are so well-done in anime that anyone who watches it gets addicted.

Yoshihiro Togashi introduced Hunter x Hunter to the world in 1998 via the Weekly Shõnen Jump. Our boy Gon Freecss gets to know that his father who abandoned him is a famous Hunter of rare species, treasures, and whatnot. Gon decides to leave on a tour to find his father and on his way comes across several other hunters and abnormal entities. It’s an anime based on adventurous and fantastical themes that will keep you watching till the end.

But let’s be real here. Killua is the real one here who steals the show.(I mean, just look at him. Who even watches the show for Gon?) Killua is the Naruto of Hunter x Hunter. His struggles and hardships are what make him a fan favorite.

Here are some things you should definitely know about Killua from Hunter x Hunter

Fact No.1

The Zoldycks are inhabitants of the Kukuroo Mountains. They are an influential family of great assassins. Killua is the 14-year old heir of the Zoldyck family

Fact No.2

Killua parted with his family to step away from the bloodshed. His family’s ruthlessness traumatized him. Fans love him for standing up for himself to an abusive family and separating himself from a toxic environment.

Fact No.3

He is Gon’s best friend. They are literally brothers and accompany each other everywhere. Their friendship strikes the perfect balance with Gon as the social butterfly and Killua as the more secluded one, a trope seen in most anime.

Fact Fact No.4

He has a rather sweet tooth and is known to spend a fortune on sweets back at Heavens Arena. Chocolate balls are the love of his life.

Fact No.5

He might become a heavy gambler though this is just plain speculation. But the Greed Island episodes have shown us how Killua takes to gambling quick. He was ready to even gamble with his life!

Fact No.6

His physical prowess is at a superhuman level and he can even enhance it at will. His abnormal stealth lets him push, shove, and hoist gates weighing tons.

Fact No.7

Electricity and poison don’t affect him at all thanks to the hell of a training he went through as a part of the Zoldyck family.

Fact No.8

He can create after images of himself in combat. This is a simple yet effective move to confuse and stun the enemy.

Fact No.9

He can increase his speed by electrically charging his body and stimulating his nervous system.

Fact No.10

His rookie status as a hunter does him no justice when he can take on and defeat established hunters, or kill them if need be.

Fact No.11

He is a master of transmutation and can transform his aura to mimic something completely different. His manipulation of aura into electricity is truly worth watching

Fact No.12

His trademark technique Godspeed is a mix of two nen types- Whirlwind and Speed of lightning. What’s amazing is he never loses control while being in this state.

Fact No.13

If you think Godspeed is a major power-up, wait till you witness his Assassin Mode. He is the perfect seasoned assassin. Killua becomes a whole new person in this mode, all his senses and skills are elevated beyond the imagination of a normal human.

Fact No.14

This might not be very intriguing but Killua doesn’t have much of a wardrobe in the manga as compared to the anime. The manga version only opts for a simple and basic t-shirt, shorts, and boots.

Fact No.15

Killua in the manga isn’t shown to have much of a love for sweets. That’s just something extra they added in the anime to make him seem more childlike I think.


No matter the amount of hype Killua generates, he will always be an under-appreciated character for me who deserves all the love in the world. His trauma, his spat with his family, how he overcomes all the obstacles in his path, and his cold-heartedness when need be make him the og Hunter.

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