Mob Psycho 100 Actor Breaks Silence on the Anime's Finale

Mob Psycho 100 has brought its anime adaptation to a close, and anime fans aren't the only ones that are pouring one out for everyone's favorite young psychic.

With Studio Bones adapting the manga by the high-octane artist known as ONE, the voice actor behind Mob in Japan, Setsuo Ito, took the opportunity to share his feelings on saying goodbye to the character that helped solidify his career.

Based on the heart-warming and action-packed events of the anime, it has earned its place as a fan favourite.

Mob Psycho 100's third season introduced some wild new territory to the life of the high-schooler who was attempting to balance his supernatural activities with his daily life.

With the young Mob now struggling with newfound popularity while unfortunately dealing with a betrayal from one of his closest friends. 

The Divine Tree emerged as a major threat, with the giant broccoli emerging thanks to the events of season two's finale.

While also presenting anime viewers with a terrifying new villain known as Psycho Helmet.

Mob might not be returning for a new season, but his history will help him go down as one of the greatest characters introduced in the anime medium.

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