Gaming Influencers Are Raising Millions For Charity Through Modernised Telethon

Streamers and YouTubers have become the modern day celebrities for an entire generation. 

Many of them boast larger followings than some of the biggest TV and movie stars, and the paycheques that come with that fame will set many of them up for life.

Over the years gaming influencers across the world have raised millions for charity in a range of different ways. But one of the earliest and most successful campaigns came from the UK group The Yogscast.

Building on the success of this initial charity drive, the Jingle Jam was born and is still going strong as an annual fundraising event over 10 years later.

It has now become a two week streaming extravaganza featuring 12 hour streams every day from almost every member of The Yogscast.

There’s also a massive collection of PC games donors will get if they contribute above a certain amount, all of which are gifted by publishers and developers.

This year's iteration of the Jingle Jam raised over £3.4 million ($4.1 million), bringing the total raised from all Jingle Jam events to more than £22 million ($26.7 million.) 

The event has proven so successful that the Jingle Jam charity has been formed, making this more than just a fundraising event.

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