Your Ultimate Anime Guide – What is Shounen?

There is more to anime than just the distinctive drawing style or a unique way of telling stories: A constantly growing subculture with countless different genres has emerged around Japanese cartoon films and series.

This Row should therefore be your compass and guide through the (still) unexplored waters of this art form.

So in the first entry of this series we want to deal with the question of which category should be interesting for whom.

Adult animation series don’t have a very long tradition in Europe or the US: It wasn’t until 2014 that BoJack Horseman triggered a rethink in our media landscape.

So while comics or animation have long struggled with the cliché, nothing but a nice gimmick for children the Japanese were already a step ahead of us here: Since manga and anime are not only popular with children

Anime and manga can be divided into five different categories within which they are adapted according to the reading habits of their target audience: The target group are children of both sexes under the age of 12.

This category is aimed at girls between 12 and 15 years old. Common themes are first love, lovesickness and friendship.

The best-known example of this category in this country is certainly Naoko Takeuchi’s Sailor Moon. 

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