10 Anime Heroes Who Can't Reach Their Full Potential

The trying journeys anime heroes embark on in the pursuit of their goals require them to unlock new powers constantly.

Meeting more formidable opponents and vigorously training their bodies, the protagonists tap into their unexplored potential, developing new abilities.

The power progression of most anime heroes seems limitless, restrained only by how much they need to increase their skills for ultimate victory.

Yet, some heroes have a power ceiling they can't break, no matter how hard they try. 

Held back by outside forces, personal unwillingness to explore dangerous abilities or lack of time, these anime heroes never reach the full potential of their powers.

One Piece One Piece is filled with overpowered characters who continuously improve their abilities. 

And while the crew's fearful doctor, Tony Tony Chopper, never strived to become a top fighter, focusing on perfecting his medical skills, his battle abilities showed great promise in the early parts of One Piece.

Hunter x Hunter Reckless use of power can have dramatic consequences, and that's the lesson the hero of Hunter x Hunter, the carefree adventurer Gon Freecss, learns after his disastrous fight with Neferpitou. 

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