The Biggest Gaming News For December 18, 2022

Sundays are your last chance to get some really good gaming in before going back to work, truly making the most out of your weekend.

Since you’ve only got so much attention, the upshot is that you end up getting behind on everything else that’s been going on, at least in the wider world of gaming. 

Overwatch 2 Brings Back An Old Symmetra Bug In Eichenwalde Overwatch 2 seems to have brought back an old Symmetra bug which makes turrets invincible when deployed on the Eichenwalde map.

If you put her turrets in the door when it drops, they will stay there and attack enemies," the user on Reddit called Puzzleheaded_Drink45 who first spotted the bug said.

"Please fix it soon before it’s exploited, I did it by accident and that’s how I found out."

Yep, Final Fantasy 16 Will Have Moogle In case you’ve been wondering, the upcoming Final Fantasy 16 will in fact feature Moogles, basically fluff balls from earlier in the series.

The news comes directly from the official Twitter account for the game which posted a short video in which the little creatures could be seen.

Similar to Cactuars and Chocobos, Moogles are one of the recurring animal species in the series, having appeared in almost every single entry in the famous franchise.

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