Netflix Adds 2 New Games to Its Gaming Service

Netflix announced Tuesday in its 2022 recap video that it added two new games to its gaming service.

The games are Kentucky Route Zero and 12 Minutes, and subscribers can access them now.

Kentucky Route Zero debuted in 2013 and is a text-based point-and-click game that CNET editor Scott Stein calls immersive theater but in game form. 

You play as a truck driver as he travels on Route Zero in Kentucky to make one last delivery for an antiques shop.

The game 12 Minutes was released in 2021 and is a mystery with a time loop where the clock resets every -- you guessed it -- 12 minutes.

The setting is a small apartment, where you and your wife are winding down from date night when a police officer enters the room.

To access the games, Netflix subscribers can scan the QR codes in the video or launch the streaming app on their iOS device.

Then, they'll be asked to download the games through the App Store. Once the download is complete, they're all set.

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