Naruto May Give Sasuke and Sakura Their Own Anime Soon

Sasuke and Sakura haven't always had the best relationship in the world of Naruto.

With the Uchiha originally dismissing Sakura's advances in favor of dedicating himself to exacting revenge on his brother, Itachi.

Almost dying as an enemy of Konoha during the sequel series, Naruto: Shippuden, Sasuke would eventually see the light and return as a ninja in the Hidden Leaf's ranks.

With the Naruto/Sakura spin-off series releasing a manga adaptation from the novel series, it would seem that an anime adaptation is nigh. 

Sasuke's Story, the spin-off series that began as a novel and then became popular enough to receive a manga adaptation which is currently releasing new chapters to this day.

With recent events in Boruto's manga seeing Sasuke lose an eye in the fight against Kara.

Uchiha will clearly remain a big part of future battles, acting as both Boruto's mentor and one of the most powerful ninjas currently residing in the Hidden Leaf Village. 

The new anime episodes are rumored to begin in January via an episode titled "Sasuke Retsuden – Secret Basement"

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