Hell's Paradise Creator Shares New Update on the Anime's Progress

Jigokuraku is one of the many action manga series making its anime debut next year, and the creator behind it all has updated fans on how the new adaptation is coming along!

Yuji Kaku's original manga series wrapped up its run with Shueisha's Jump+ app back in 2021, but now the series is gearing up to reach a whole new wave of fans as its official anime adaptation kicks off next Spring. 

Now that the premiere is getting closer to its full launch, fans have gotten some steady updates as to how it's all coming together.

Jigokuraku took the stage at Jump Festa 2023 this past weekend in Japan, and revealed a new trailer along with confirming an April 2023 release.

This update also came with the confirmation of the main voice cast behind the series, and series creator Yuji Kaku weighed in on this cast and gave them their blessing with a new update shared directly with fans during the event. 

"I had a chance to listen to the voices of the cast members," Kaku began in a special message to fans at Jump Festa 2023.

It was the same as what I had imagined while I was drawing the characters.

I'm already getting excited about how the anime Hell's Paradise is going to turn out with the support of the animators, music composers, and background artists.

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