Clash Of NFT: A New Invention In The World Of Web3 Game

The biggest underlying innovation of Web3 games is not the introduction of "P2E" but the introduction of NFT, confirming the ownership of in-game assets and data.

Therefore, on this basis, how to continuously empower the NFTs held by players has become an unavoidable problem.

Clash of NFT (CON) is the first multiverse community-centered and a new invention in the world of Web3 game.

Clash of NFT (CON) ibrings ultimate utilities and values to NFT assets.

CON pioneered the concept of a "multiverse" by combining in-game NFT with the more popular PFP project.

With storytelling, great art, voiceovers, and enthralling gameplay, CON will capture crypto-native and traditional gamers' hearts.

The combat is satisfying, with captivating animations and stunning gameplay. 

To attract early supporters, Clash of NFT is holding whitelist giveaway activities at the moment. 

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