Baobab Studios unveils Momoguro Web3 collectibles game

Baobab Studios is taking its animated storytelling into a new platform today as it unveils Momoguro, a digital collectibles game build on Web3 technology.

The company is working on the title with Web3 technology firm ImmutableX.

This technology which scales blockchain games for mainstream consumers.

The project was created by designers Nico Casavecchia and Martin Allais.

Momoguro is part of Baobab’s continued mission to inspire the world to dream, bring out a sense of wonder, and make people matter through storytelling.

“Web3 is really exciting for us because it is another medium for us and really aligned with our mission statement, which is to inspire the world to dream, bring out your sense of wonder and make you matter,” Fan said.

You actually get to influence what happens and how we build that story.

So Web3 was natural for us to be a part of because it really helps with that mission and allowing the community to be on the ground floor.”

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